100% Cotton Shower Curtain for Pinzon Hotel Stitch Bedding

Does anything come to mind when you heard about the name of Pinzon Hotel Stitch bedding? I have no idea how you would react. But when I was searching for a 100% cotton shower curtain, these words just caught my eye. My first response was, well, this is something like luxury hotel quality bedding. However, it turns out to me that the Pinzon Hotel Stitch collection seems less connected, or have nothing to do with those articles you tend to find in the hotels. However, no matter what is being called, no doubt it is still one of desirable shower curtains you should have it hung in your bathroom.

100% organic cotton shower curtain

This Hotel Stitch shower curtain actually is meant to go with both the Hotel Stitch bedding collection and the towel collection. But it is so elegant and crisp that it is capable of fitting well with any themes of your bathroom. According to the product description, this 72″ wide x 72″ long curtain features a few things, such as a white delicate herringbone pattern, a double row of satin stitching, 100-percent single-ply cotton, exquisite button holes, and more.

So, why 100-percent cotton is a better choice when it comes to selecting quality shower curtains? Of course, cotton does have so many benefits that you just can’t let it go easily.

  • First and foremost, it is safer to touch thanks to its nature of less likely to cause an allergic reaction. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin or already develop asthma. The synthetic products are inclined to cause skin irritation and trigger or aggravate chronic lung ailments like asthma and bronchitis because more dust mites accumulated on them. In comparison, cotton has a better wicking function, which means that it is good at absorbing and draining the water. Therefore, because of the better fabric breathability the mites and other bacteria are difficult to survive on it by lacking necessary humid and warm condition.
  • Besides, cotton is easier to be dyed. So it has a vast array of optional colors to choose from. No wonder it is being used for various applications in industries of fashion and bedding.
  • Last but not least, cotton is much more environmental friendly. If you value and advocate a green life, this recyclable and biodegradable material will be your second to none choice, let alone it cheaper price tag, extended service life, and easy maintenance.

However, this item is far from a perfect shower curtain. Because it is made of 100% cotton, this fabric is not really good at waterproofing, which means it won’t work if you deliberately splash water at it. If you want it to be more water proof, matching it with a shower liner would be a good idea. Another issue you should pay attention to is its color. Since this is a very bright white, it would appear abrupt and incompatible with the rest the decorations in the bathroom if matched improperly. Anyway, these are all minor downsides and you can make it right with a little effort.

By the way, this Pinzon Hotel Stitch 100% Cotton Shower Curtain is made in Portugal. Now, you can buy it on Amazon.com at the best price. What’s more, there are more colors available there for your different design purposes, such as black, navy, silver blue, taupe, espresso, silver gray, and smokey plum. They look really gorgeous, don’t they? If you want to get your own piece of it, please click here for more customer reviews and information now!

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