2″ Faux Wood Blinds White

Blinds come in different materials, colors, and sizes. But it’s a statistical fact that the 2″ white faux wood blinds are the most desirable one on the current market. Attention please! Here the 2 inches refer to the width of the slats instead of the size of the blind. Everything in this world happens for a reason. This is no exception and several reasons can explain this phenomenon. Simply put, white faux wood blind of 2 in. slats has its own specific favorable aspects, which fit well with most window treatments.

2″ faux wood blinds white

Many famous companies on home furnishings, such as Lowes, Bali, DesignView, and Canopy, are offering similar products. But the one I stumbled upon recently is really awesome, regardless of considered from any perspectives, like cost, color, weight, sturdiness, and dampness resistance. By the way, they are supplied by Achim Home Furnishings.

Being an interior designer, I have no bias against any materials because I have been taught over the years that anything could be of great help on home decor if properly used. When it comes to the debate of faux wood blinds vs. real wood blinds, I would insist on my own opinion – use both. They are equally functional when placed in the due position. So, why not use them in your house according to your needs?

As mentioned earlier, in the market there are so many optional 2″ faux wood blinds. White is just one choice among all those numerous color options. In addition to the reason of personal color preference, folks choose white and off-white, partly because it is a good way to brighten up the space, thus fool the visitor’s eyes to believe this is a more spacious room. Light colors are also an excellent neutralizing agent if too much darker colors are used in order to lend a warm or cozy touch. Using a little bit contrast can make for a more harmonious color scheme and bring your house to life.

These items are made of cellular foam synthetic wood. They look and work the same way as the real wood blinds on light control, but cost much less. On top of that, they have the distinct benefits that are unavailable from their genuine cousin, such as the durability, low cost, easy installation, and moisture resisting. Another impressive advantage of them is that it is much more eco-friendly since they don’t need timber as the material. Should you care for the issue of global warming, contribute your part to help by choosing these blinds made of recycled artificial materials.

And the slat size for blinds does matter as it may make or break the end style of your window treatments, as well as how much light and privacy you are going to achieve. Ranging from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ wide, the slats need to match windows in different sizes to make it right. The regular rule is that bigger slats fit bigger windows, like 46″ x 64″, and smaller salts fit small windows, like 35″x64″. Now you might already know that 2 inches are in the middle. That means 2″ slats can cover both big and small sizes, which is the exact reason why faux wood 2″ blinds are more popular over other sizes.

Here is one useful tip for your reference if you are going to buy these 2″ white faux wood blinds at a cheaper price tag – please turn to online stores like Amazon, instead of your local “shop at home” places, where the items are most often overpriced. For the best price and more customer reviews, click here now!

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