American Flag Shower Curtain

American flag shower curtain is a unique, euphemistic approach to express your unshakable faith in this country. Instead of showing to the world your patriotism by waving an American flag outside, you are just displaying your true inner thoughts in a private place – your bathroom.

patriotic shower curtain

These amazing American flag shower curtains, in the size of 72-inch W by 72-inch L, are supplied by Carnation Home Fashions. In order to make it even more durable and washable, the manufacturer adopts the hotel weight waterproof vinyl as its material. On the surface GOD BLESS AMERICA and the Old Glory are being featured. In addition, the hook set, including 12 matching hooks, is also equipped along with main item.

Of course, the benefits of this item don’t end here. Being a vital integral part of your bathroom design, it can dress up your bathroom according to your preference. Unlike old school bathrooms, modern version puts equal attention to both the look and the application. After all, a place for relaxing purpose should feast your eyes and do the job at the same time. And this curtain won’t let you down easily, and it is really functional by perfectly locking your shower stall to ensure privacy, at the same time by nicely enclosing the bathtub to prevent water from spilling over to the floor. As a result, nothing can trouble you during the refreshing bath or shower anymore.

Mind you, the Stars and Stripes is the symbol of the United State, and as a patriotic personage please take good care of the American flag shower curtain once assembled in place. Come on, be loyal only to your heart and show your patriotism just to yourself in your private domain instead of in the public.

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