Cheap Angry Birds Fabric Shower Curtain

This angry birds fabric shower curtain is sure to be the adorable addition to the collection of angry bird fans. It measures 72 in x 72 in, namely 183 cm x 183 cm in size, featuring cute Angry Birds graphics on it. It consists of 4 different funny facial expressions, like eyebrows raised, surprised, bemused, and mouth open wide. And 3 major colors are being used, including red, blue, and green. This bright item definitely would be an awesome gift to all Angry Bird lovers.

angry birds shower curtains

What bathtub do these angry birds shower curtains fit for?

As mention earlier, it comes in 72″ x 72″, which is the most popular size in shower curtains these days. This is simply because now most of bathtubs are 5 feet long. This is the best option to you too if you have that standard tub at home.

Why kids love the combination of red, blue, and green?

This item features multiple colors, which make it so bright. In general, kids love positive colors, such as bright, warm, happy, charming, soft, lively, pure, and more. These include the warm orange, low saturated red, yellow, and pink, and purer blue and green. As you can see, this is an ideal color assortment for children as it tends to give a lively, vibrant, and playful style to the bathroom.

Why this item uses polyester?

The main benefits of 100% polyester are acid resistance, higher porosity, good ventilation, excellent durability, and extended service life. If gone through special process, the fabric also has silky luster, comfortable touch, and mildew resistance.

What bathroom is this angry birds curtain suitable for?

Apparently this is a great option for a kid’s bathroom. But it also just works well for an adult’s bathroom too if you still retain childlike innocence. This seems hard to find out the reason why but this cute bird has what it takes to be your favorite pet. Sometimes this is just personal taste and hobby. Love this cute image and love this angry bird shower curtain. This makes sense.

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