Bamboo Bead Door Curtain with Palm Tree

There are so many awesome palm tree decors out there. But as for decorating for doorways or for windows, this palm tree bamboo bead door curtain by ABeadedCurtain is the one you should never miss. The reason can be pretty simple – to make your home come to life while providing the necessary functions as a beaded curtain should perform. In this respect, this bamboo beaded curtain does a really good job and come up to all your expectations.

beaded door curtain

Merging function with ornament together perfectly

Bamboo bead curtain once was one of vital ancient life necessities and handicrafts. The main reason why it was so popular is because it is so functional – protecting against mosquitos, dust proof, space separation, and enhancing breathability and ventilation. In other words, it has the dual functions – better perspectives and privacy at the same time. What’s more, it is easy to open and close and it is easy to set up and disassemble too.

Besides the mentioned functions, actually it is literally a work of art, which please note that is hand painted rather than a printed duplicate by machine. Since each of them is hand painted, it appears more vividly and with more individual details, which thus may cause slight variations on each work. And just because of this, each of them lives up to that name of artwork for its unique details.

How to make a beaded curtain?

It is a tedious and overwhelming task to make what the beaded door curtain looks now. And all the steps are finished by hand. Do you know how many beads are included in each of it? The answer is about 4,000 pieces. Now, you can imagine the scenario how they are shaped step by step barely by hand.

To begin with, prepare the raw material – natural bamboo stalks. Then divide them into small rectangular pieces sized 2.5 inches. Furthermore, weave them together to form a strand by wire. After 125 strands are finished, and then put them together to make the final beaded curtain panels by attaching to a wooden hanging bar. Finally, the trained workers paint the designs on according to the prototype sample, section by section and strand by strand. After all the steps are finished, what comes into your view is the stunning artwork now you see. By the way, have you ever noticed that you can see the whole painting on either side from different perspectives? The secret is that every bead is thoroughly drawn. If you want to DIY the whole process, I am afraid it would be a daunting task.

Why 125 strands?

This item measures 36″ x 79″, which consist of 125 strands. This is not a number found on a whim. On the contrary, this is a magic number drawn by years of experience in the industry of bamboo beaded curtains. After the provider of ABeadedCurtain summed up opinions from consumers, and compared them to their own experience, the 125 strands are found to be the best number in the beaded curtain for the sake of providing the optimum balance among density, longevity, and fidelity of the painting.

In the case of short of 125, it lacks room for more information painted, which thus greatly reduces the “pixels” and the work’s overall appeal. In the case of more than 125, it takes more time and effort to wire them up and, worse still, the whole item will fly apart easily because of lacking sturdy structure due to too many wire used and punching holes on smaller beads.

Easy installation and maintenance

Since the bead door curtain comes with hanging hardware, it can be mounted easily and quickly. Actually, the provider offers excellent service and you will have it already completely assembled when it arriving your home.

Some customer reviews for your reference

  • “I love this item.”
  • “Exactly what we were looking for.”
  • “Everything i wanted.”
  • “The workmanship is so beautiful”
  • “Very happy with the product.”
  • “Super easy installation.”

Where to buy beaded curtains?

Since this is the best bamboo bead door curtain, as its manufacturer claiming, it is surely worth a try. Since always has the cheap price, why not just pick one on it? Click here to see more details now.

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