Bamboo Beaded Curtain with Hand-painted The Old Guitarist

As one of the necessity of domestic living in summer, bamboo beaded curtain is very desirable, with its elements of blocking the sunlight, letting in air, enhancing comfort, and keeping cool. More than that, the nature of bamboo tends to get you back to the original nature temporarily from the technical alienation’s world. These days, bamboo beaded curtains are improved in order to meet updated market demand. If you are in the market for one of them, this Old Guitarist – Picasso Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware) is the one highly recommended. It is worth every penny you spend on it, from the angle of either the bamboo curtain on its own or the fine art presented on.

bamboo bead curtain

Optimal workmanship to make the perfect bamboo curtain

It is hard to imagine that how this wonderful artwork could be done without the unbelievable traditional handicraft techniques. Tell you some truths behind this amazing 36″ x 79″ curtain. Each of them is composed of approximately 4,000 pieces of 2.5″ beads, which are made from natural bamboo stalks. After the beads are dried and ready, the next step is to paint both sides of them, one by one. The purpose of doing so is to be viewed from either side. And then, all the painted beads need to be woven by wire to form a strand until 125 of them are finished. Finally, the 125 strands are put together by a wooden hanging bar, which are now the final bamboo beaded door curtains that are ready to put them on sale.

The whole procedure is not complicated at all, but it takes a lot of hard work. Else, do you impress by the figures mentioned above? Do you wonder how they come from? Actually this is the key secret that makes this bamboo beaded curtain one of the best sellers among all those similar products. 125 strands are the best structure, drawn the conclusion through trial and error by the manufacturers. No more, no less. Otherwise, the product would either result in details and density loss, or lacking solidity.

Background of The Old Guitarist

Assume that you aren’t quite familiar with Picasso artwork. Here is the background about this painting and its famous painter, one of the greatest artists in 20th century. Picasso was born in Málaga of Spain in 1881 and died in France in 1973. Throughout his life, Picasso always tried new stuff and different styles.

The Old Guitarist, one of famous Picasso blue period paintings, was created in 1903. At that time he was lonely and sad because his best friend died. But even worse, he was in danger of starvation then because no one knew him and would like to buy his works. Therefore, he began to draw with lots of blue tone. However, this is a controversial work. Some people love this product so much, but others (including his father) think that this is a weird work.

Fabulous piece of hand-painted and handmade artwork

Besides the painting, the bamboo bead curtain itself is a work of art. It is versatile, for windows, walls, doors, and screen as well. Hung inside the bedroom or any places, the bamboo bead curtain is always welcome to be the escape for your refreshing. It is most tedious thing to stay in the same drab place for a long time, especially during working hours. It is time for you to get some fresh air. If you have the bamboo bead curtains installed, you would find that this is almost too simple. What you have to do is just look over your shoulder and enjoy this famous The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso. A few minutes later, your mind would be refreshed and your body would be got back into gear once again.

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Best stores that sell beaded curtains

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