Bamboo Leaf Shower Curtain

Bathing is much a personal stuff. There in the bathroom you leave yourself alone, to think or to enjoy the private time quietly. Facing the bare walls in the bathroom sometimes can be very boring and lifeless. Need something to help find your peace of mind easier while making your bathroom a lovelier place to stay? The bamboo leaf shower curtain can be a very good addition, especially the one made by Maytex. It has kind of beauty that is refined but definitely approachable.

bamboo print shower curtain

In ancient orient culture, bamboo is one of things that are often mentioned in poems and Buddhist maxims in order to illustrate the writers’ intentions. That is to say, the bamboo is the poet or the Buddhist himself. In ancient time, this artistic technique was used frequently to deliver their voices and ideas euphemistically. Now, probably you have come to realize that how bamboo is associated with Zen.

However, if you are not interested in the ancient orient culture things at all, it doesn’t matter and this bamboo print shower curtain by itself is truly a piece of great artwork, and will totally live up to all your expectation from it.

This item measures 70-inch by 72-inch, suitable for standard bathtub that is 60″ long. The additional 10-inch width here is to make it look even more elegant with a few pleats. It is made of PEVA material, along with a PVC-free liner.

If you are a big fan of Zen garden featured items, chances are that you would get caught up by this strength and language underlying such simple bamboo leaves. And this simplicity conveyed is the very true nature you are trying to gain through the meditation, isn’t it? Currently you can buy this item on at a very cheap price. Check out there for more information about this Maytex bamboo leaf shower curtain now!

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