Beaded Curtains for Doorways

Beaded curtains for doorways come in different sizes, materials, and styles. The most common ones in the current market are made of bamboo, wood, and metal. They can adorn your home with kind of distinctive appeal. Once hanging one of them over doorways, you will be amazed at how different your house has become. Among all those materials available, bamboo is the most popular one because of its unique rustic, ancient style. If you are a nature-respecting person, you would agree with that.

bead curtains for doors

As one of seasoned seller, ABeadedCurtain has imported a lot of high quality bamboo bead curtains for doors over the past decade. More importantly, thanks to the know-how, the optimal number of 125 strands has been determined. Hence, ABeadedCurtain solves the dilemma in making a high quality bamboo curtain – how to give consideration to both durability and density. The American Flag Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware), 36″ x 79″ in size, is a very good example you can refer to. Also constructed by 125 strands, it is so solid that it won’t fall to pieces easily. More than that, it shows a lot of details about the graphics of American flag, nothing similar to those cheap ones.

Bamboo beaded curtains for doorways like that have a lot of benefits, which are seldom found in other materials. It is so elegant with classic simplicity that your room would be rich of scholarly air and eastern charm right away. In summary, here are the reasons you have to choose this American Flag Beaded Curtain and alike.

  • They are simple, refined, lively, harmonious, and eco-friendly;
  • They reserve the bamboo’s inherent high density, toughness, and excellent strength. Hence, the end products would be sturdy, durable, elegant, and with delicate color, smooth texture, and great resistance to deformation;
  • They adopt meticulous workmanship and unique technique to guarantee the quality. Undergone a rigorous inspection, the bamboo beads are not easy to be out of shape and cracked. Moreover, it has a good flexural strength and excellent resistance in heat, cold, mildew, and moth;
  • Taken entirely from the natural bamboo stalks, the surface of doorway bead curtains is smooth and rich in natural textures and colors. Unlike wooden texture, it has its own unique property, which is perfectly in tune with the main theme of returning to nature;
  • They prevail because of their natural simplicity, a property in particular fitting well during the hot summer days. It not only blocks the sun but also cools the rooms. What’s more, the specially processed bamboo beads not only look crisp but also resist mildew, which let you free from any worries.

If you are looking for an innovative approach for your home decor, ABeadedCurtain’s bamboo beaded curtains for doorways, regardless of in the pattern of American flag or in others like natural color, are the way worth your effort. Giving it a try and you will just love how it looks in your house. Besides just looking good, they also serve other useful practical purposes – keep the privacy while allowing decent ventilation. One good thing for you, currently these items are available on Amazon at a really cheap price. Click here for today’s price at Amazon now!

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