Bella Luna Faux Silk Blackout Curtains

Silk curtains are known for its deluxe, trendy look. No wonder so many home decor designers used to love to apply it for window treatments. If you would like to add such a luxurious style to your house as well, you should know that now real silk is not the only way you have to choose. Actually an awesome alternative called faux silk is meeting with greater favor these days. After all, it costs much less than its real counterpart. Are you searching for the faux silk curtains? If so, you’d better consider this Bella Luna Faux Silk Blackout Curtains before the purchase.

black faux silk curtains

These faux silk blackout curtains, measuring 54-inch Wide by 84-inch Long, are supplied by YMF. It comes with eight grommets for easy hanging. Actually this is also one of the stylish styles you should opt for today since it not only hangs well but operates easily.

As mentioned previously, faux silk is by far the best option you can choose as the substitute for natural silk, which frankly can’t be made exactly the same quality artificially. Though the differences are there, you just can’t easily tell them apart until you take a serious look since these synthetic fibers imitate its real predecessor so successfully. When facing the huge difference on price, you are bound to compromise between what you want and what you can get. That is a practical choice and as a matter of fact the difference between them, except for the price tag, isn’t that big as you thought. What’s more, YMF offers you with as many as three color options to choose from – sage, taupe, and black faux silk curtains. Once put them up on your living room or bedroom, it will add the luxurious, stylish touch, exactly like what its mock object does. And, the most important is that you don’t need to empty your back account by buying them home.

As its name implied, it is designed for blocking the light thanks to the attached foam lining. The purposes of such design are two fold – to prevent sunlight from entering inside and to enhance the energy efficiency. In other words, these items are ideal for you if you are the morning sleeper for a variety of reasons, such as newly having a baby, working shift, staying up late frequently, or others. As you know, sound sleep in the morning means a lot to you in such cases. Another benefit you will have with these curtains is that it can lower your electric bill cost by insulating your room from both heat and cold. As a result, your room will remain warm in winter or cool in summer as long as possible by preventing the leakage.

Residence also has similar items. Please click here for more information if you want to compare them. In a word, the Bella Luna Faux Silk Blackout Curtains is the ideal one for you if you are looking for versatile drapes. Oh, I forgot to tell you, as of this writing, these amazing drapes just cost less than 20 dollars. What a bargain it is!

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