Best Blackout Curtains

So, what it takes to be one of the best blackout curtains in your mind’s eye? Block out 100% of light? Not really. A good one can do even more. If you are in the market for products alike, the Solid Grommet Top Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain, provided by Best Home Fashion, could be the most likely attraction for you. After all, it is one of top rated ones these days.

best home fashion blackout curtains

This item measures 104″ Wide x 63″ Long in set, or 52″ Wide x 63″ Long each panel. To make the assembling as easy as possible but still look good enough, 8 grommets, 1.6 inches in diameter, are attached on each panel. Besides, there are 2.7-inch rim to be reserved in order to make it look even more elegant. At this time you might be curious about why this is the best blackout curtain you should buy? The reasons are many fold.

First off, the look of a curtain does matter. The old school blackout window treatments tend to look ugly for a better blackout effect. In addition, the color used to be also one of vital elements that determine the amount of light peeking through. Unlike the traditional stereotype about blackout curtains, this item is really functional and attractive thanks to the innovative fabric construction. Hence, you don’t have to trade the beauty for utility anymore. A blackout drape can look stylish as well in different colors, such as black, chocolate, royal blue, grey, burgundy, beige, navy, olive, and cardinal red. No doubt, once hanging them on your windows your bedroom will just take on a new, inviting, and comfortable look from the dull and drab one.

This is a product claiming to be capable of blocking out 100% of UV ray and 99.9% of light. It is true and Best Home Fashion does talk the talk and walk the walk – the claim has got a pass from the independent laboratory test. This is great news no matter what purpose you are going to use it for, especially you are a day sleeper due to shift change or one who just want to take a nap at noon, a photographer to develop film, a regular person who lives right beside a streetlamp or near a neighbor who has glaring porch lights, or simply a film lover who would like to watch home theaters during daytime.

This item makes a lot of sense too if you have sleep problems. Not sleep a wink the whole night because of too much light? If you are sensitive to any light, even in small amount, apparently you need blackout panel curtains like that to keep your company. Or you are tossing and turning in bed only in the morning, it is a good idea to turn to this quality blackout curtain too. Research has found that a dark room can help you sleep better. Don’t underestimate the extra-hour sleep in the morning, which is of great help if you are used to wake up prematurely.

High quality blackout curtain always comes with insulation. This one is no exception. Apart from darkening the room, it also reduces heat loss. You might be unaware that in most of the cases windows are the main culprit for energy loss. Heat can still run off through windows even though this is a high quality one. These thermal blackout curtains by Best Home Fashion, with the innovative fabric construction, can minimize the loss of air-conditioning and heating for you by fending off sun rays and cold air outside. With this more energy efficient thermal curtain assembled in your house, you can save big money on your energy bills.

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