Best Buy Disney Princesses Damask Dream 63-Inch Drape

There are a few reasons you should pick this Disney Princesses Damask Dream Drape. Among them, the most important one would be your kids would love them. Creating a lovely and enjoyable sleeping circumstance for your kids maters. This is because your boys or girls need to spend a lot of time in the environment you made for them. The surroundings should be able to let the children grow up happily and healthily. You need to learn many things in this growing process. And choosing the suitable drapes is one of those important tasks.

Disney Princesses Damask Dream 63-Inch Drape

Actually this Disney Princesses Damask Drape is the perfect partner of the Royal Grace bedding. And it is of high quality by adopting 100-Percent polyester microfiber, which you can feel the same by touching or seeing only. And the pattern is really lovely by featuring the Princess Tiana and Princess Aurora. There are a little bit different layouts on different drapes, with the princesses on different places. Except that, all the drapes are the same actually.

In terms of blocking out the sunlight, this 82″ wide by 63″ long curtains are thick enough for most of needs. But if you need a perfect blackout, you should add a blackout material and DIY them to make sure to improve this effect.

In addition, they are 1 pound in shipping weight, 2 tie backs available and appropriate for machine wash and tumble dry.

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