Best Price Disney Fairies 63-Inch Hummingbird Drape

This Hummingbird Drape is from Disney, which almost all kids, girls or boys, would love at first sight. As you know, Disney Fairies Drapes are known for their design of fairy tales and the adorable characters. The same is true to this 82″ wide by 63″ long drape, in which the Tinkerbell and her friends are the main design. And this layout is one of the most popular one in this fairies series.

Disney Fairies 63-Inch Hummingbird Drape

If you look closely and touch carefully, you can find that they are made of 100-Percent polyester. The fabric is lovely and soft thanks to their soft Pastel Colors and microfiber construction. What’s more, they are so smooth even though brought right out of the box.

Once hanged them on your windows with the curtain rod (you need to buy elsewhere) and hold them back with 2 tie backs attached, this beautiful panel curtains would make your whole room bright instantly with the multiple vivid colors. No doubt your children will love to play and fly with the fairies in this fantasy world you have made for them.

By the way, they are suitable for machine wash and tumble dry.

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