Birds on a Wire Shower Curtain

Are you looking for something that is simple, peaceful, and carefree for your bathroom decor? If that’s the case, the birds on a wire shower curtain I found the other day seems a good idea. It makes sense to add some laid-back touch to your bathroom. After all, this is your personal time and you should enjoy yourself. Taken in this sense, the best decor is the one can soothe your nerves once you step in.

Birds On A Wire PEVA Bathroom Shower Curtain

This item is provided by Saturday Knight LTD. It measures 70″ wide x 72″ long, fitting exclusively the standard-size bathtubs in 60 inches length. It is made of PEVA, which is an environment friendly material thanks to containing no vinyl and chlorine. It would be an ideal choice for you if you do care about this planet.

When walking in country roads in winter, probably you can see flocks of sparrows perching on power lines, telegraph poles arranged on both sides. The birds usually look leisurely, standing still there. Sometimes the standstill picture has the magic that can make you feel calmer and less upset. Apparently the bird on a wire curtains have that quality.

When it comes to the picture of birds standing on a wire, it always reminds me of a related joke, which often amuses me. Someone asked why birds like standing on telephone lines? Another one answered: “This is because they need to be online to chat.” Hopefully when seeing this birds shower curtain and recalling this joke you can not help but smile.

This birds on a wire PEVA bathroom shower curtain is based on a very common scene, but it gives you an unusual aesthetic perception. It tells us something important but neglected very often – there are so many fine things in life, but unfortunately we tend to lack eyes of discovery.

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