Black and White Zebra Print Sheer Curtain Panels

Most current popular home decor styles, it seems to me, has nothing to do with the wild, untamed touch you would like to add to your house. No matter fashionable, simple smartness or elegant, luxury Rococo, they all lack that dynamic nature derived from the tropical jungle. If you need some viable curtain treatment ideas on bringing in a little bit wild but not in-your-face change to your space, black and white zebra print curtains would be highly recommended. Don’t worry, and generally animal print curtains won’t ruin your whole design easily if done properly.

Black and White Zebra Print Sheer Curtain Panels

No luck finding a satisfactory one online? Well, the Kenya Sheer Zebra Print Curtain Panel & Valance by S. Lichtenberg seems a not-bad choice. And exactly as you expected it to be, measuring 59″ Wide x 84″ Long, they are white and black in color, made of 100% polyester sheer voile. If you are always busy at work and have no time to do the laundry, these window curtains can save you a lot of time and energy since they are machine washable. In addition, the design of 1 1/2″ header and 1 1/2″ rod pocket makes it look more graceful while keeping the installation as simple as possible.

Of course, zebra prints are one of rather tricky patterns to work with if you are a totally new hand on window coverings. Building a terrific jungle themed bedroom or living room needs to take a lot of things into consideration. Simply depending on window curtains is far from enough and you’d better complement it with a few other accessories in place.

In terms of home decor, nowadays most of the modern designs often deploy much dark furniture, which tend to dull your living room. In such a case, using a vibrant pattern can sometimes give a pleasant surprise. And this is exact where zebra print sheer curtain panels come in. Zebra stripes, in a unique trendy and avant-garde color, are able to bring your bedroom with a total exotic flavor. You will just love that decorative sheer zebra curtains once hung them there since they are so eye-catching and make your bedroom look brand new again.

Serene and stylishness are the usual presence in bedrooms if designed with white and white color. Picture that when you tile the white walls with patterns in these two colors, how elegant it will be; when you spread on your these two-color bedding on your black bed, how crisp it will be. At this time, you need to put up black and white zebra print curtains on a window in order to bring in somewhat wild touch. These jungle elements will definitely make a huge difference to your room and give you the personalized flavor you are expecting.

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