Buy 2 Blue Brocade Silk Sari Curtains Drapes Panel India Home Decor 97″

This item is brought to you by Mogul Interior, one of famous Indian Home Décor dealers. Since this 2 Blue Brocade Silk Sari Curtains Drapes Panel comes from India, there are quite a few ethnic things you would be interested in. Once installed on your windows, they definitely will bring something different, like vividness and an exotic touch, to your room. It is like you are entering to a foreign land, isn’t it?

Brocade Silk Sari Curtains Drapes Panel India Home Decor

It measures 97″x44″ and weighs 2 pounds in shipping package. Exotic curtain panels are always one of main popular styles over these years. If you never buy one before, give it a try now and you will just love it. Take this specific pair of tab top silk handmade curtains as an example. It is made of Brocade Silk Sari fabric, which is kind of thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern. Combined with the craftsmen’s wisdom and superb skills, this lovely and durable fabric is turned into a pair of beautiful blue sari drapes, with a white gorgeous Golden border.

These curtains are actually a work of art, which can bring your room with an ethnic and airy feel and artistic sense. Once entering the room, the luxurious look of this curtains panel would be the first thing that impresses you. More than that, it is really functional – not only for privacy and comfort but also for the proper sunlight and ventilation. This is kind of perfect balance that caters very well to most people’s needs.

In addition, this drapes panel is sold in pairs and hand washed only.

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