Buy Cheap Brick Solar Modern Print Blackout Curtain Panel – 54″ X 84″

If you’re in the market for a new curtain panel that is rich in modern design styles and era sensation, this Brick Solar Modern Print Blackout Curtain Panel is just what you’re looking for! For a more contemporary design, the designer of these drapes uses the geometric prints to match the muted hues, which makes the window beautiful and lively. In addition, in order to make your life a little more pleasant, especially in lifeless winter, you’d better choose a vivid instead of the boring one.

Brick Solar Modern Print Blackout Curtain Panel

This Solar Blackout Curtain Panel, 100% polyester, measures 54″ wide X 84″ long. It offers a few different optional background colors, such as a Taupe, Brick, and Chocolate. On that basis, it draws the swirling co-centric circles, arranged in different pairs of Brick with copper, Taupe with beige, gray and olive green circles, beige and brown circles, Chocolate with copper, and taupe and olive green circles. You can choose the one that matches your windows perfectly. Hanged them with the 3″ Rod Pocket Construction for continental rods or decorative curtain rods, these blackout Curtain Panels not only beautiful, but very functional to block out 99% of sunlight and eliminate the noise efficiently.

Picture that when you are sleeping in a room with a pair of room darkening curtains like these, no doubt you will feel safe and warm and have a sound sleep soon, won’t you? What’s more, you can machine wash and dry it, which saves you a lot of trouble, right?

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