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Having a Star Wars art shower curtain in your bathroom can be a really cool thing. Assume that you are a teen or a big fan of the Star Wars, one of the greatest movies ever, the one offered by CafePress is the one you should add to your collection without thinking twice.

star wars bathroom shower curtain

One size fits all?

The Star Wars shower curtain comes in white color and only one size of 69″ wide x 70″ long. Does one size fit all? Not really. Apparently, it doesn’t. For different purposes, you need to choose the right size for your tubs or shower stalls. In terms of the 69-by-70 inches, this is a standard size for a 5 feet bathtub.

Here some relevant fact for your reference. There are two options for a standard size of a 5-foot bathtub – approximately 72-by-72 inches or 70-by-70 inches, which may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes it might be a little longer, but shorter other times. But for shower stalls, it is a different story and normally shorter in width like 36 inches, 42 inches, or 54 inches and same length like 72 inches or 78 inches.

So, if you would like some specific size, extra long or extra wide, probably you have to contact the manufacturer for the custom service.

What are eyelet curtains?

This is designed mainly for children and geek, coming with 12 stitch-enforced eyelets. Assume that you are just new to curtain thing, probably you have to catch up on some most basic information about eyelet curtains.

This is a kind of curtain that has a few eyelets on the same spacing, which are actually holes cut out at the top. The functions of eyelets come in two folds – one is for decorative purpose with an eyelet ring, which normally in metallic colors, for example, gunmetal, silver, brass, and more; the other is to allow the curtain pole to slide through.

Eyelet curtains have many advantages. The main merit is that it greatly simplifies the process of hanging and taking down when you need to have them cleaned. What you need to do is just slide them on and off the rod, which will take you just a few seconds. Compared to the hook-type curtain, it saves you lot of time and effort. On top of that, you don’t need to worry the fabric will be damaged by accident.

The eyelet size does matter

As mentioned previously, the eyelets spaced at the identical distance. However, the size of eyelets is another noteworthy issue, especially when you are thinking to match it with a bigger pole or track.

Currently the most common eyelet ring in the market is the one with 40mm internal diameter. But of course, this is far from something set in stone. You can always buy those bigger eyelet rings, at the internal diameters of 50mm or 66mm, to fit your specific situation.

What’s included?

Unfortunately, except for the bath shower curtain itself, it provides no shower rod, rings, and liner. So, you have to buy them separately before hanging them on. Here some tips can be of help for you when choose a right curtain pole.

As you already know that 40mm is the standard internal diameter of an eyelet, as a result, the right size of the pole should be less than 40mm, right? As a matter of fact, the perfect pole should range from 28mm to 32mm, among them the 28mm is the most used.

100% softened polyester makes sense

Unlike satin and silk, in the world of manufactured fibers polyester has gotten a bad rap, although being used the most. It is complained a lot since it is stiff, less breathable, easy to pilling, and poor in static resistance.

However, as a shower curtain for kids, the 100% softened polyester makes sense as it is improved to be a real helper. Most important of all, polyester is good at reducing crease marks, preventing from stretching and shrinkage, resisting mildew, abrasions and many chemicals; moreover, it goes through special softened processing for a better touch; finally, it is cheaper in price.

You can’t go wrong with Star Wars bathroom shower curtain

This is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Since CafePress promises 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy, so what you still need to concern about? If you are not 100% satisfied with this cute one, OK return it and ask for the 100% refund. It’s that simple.

Where can I read more reviews and buy?

In terms of finding more valuable references, the best deals, and the best sale service, is always one of the best sources you can count on. Actually, it is true to the Star Wars Shower Curtain as well. Click here to read more reviews.

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