Canopy 2″ Faux Wood Blinds

Should you need any ideas on window treatments to add graceful ambience to your home decor? If you are still indecisive about which one you should go for, please consider these Canopy 2″ faux wood blinds, which are not only fully functional but also easy on the eyes. As a matter of fact, there are a number of reasons that can justify your purchase of them. And this is going to be a wiser decision you have ever made.

canopy 2 inch faux wood blinds

The Canopy 2 inch faux wood blinds look elegant. Unlike other common blind, this pack comes with a valance to add extra charm to your rooms while blocking out the sunshine entering from upper part of the windows. Since they mimic the wood so well, they are in a position to fit well with all your rooms, regardless of living room, cooking area, den, or sleeping quarters. Definitely they will receive plenty of flatters from your guests by mistaking for the genuine counterparts since they look and feel like the same texture.

The Canopy 2″ faux wood window blinds are fairly easy to assemble since hardware and tilt wand are attached with the main shutters. Here are a little bit useful tips for you. Don’t rush to set them up upon the arrival. First read the installation pamphlet carefully before you start. Take it easy and the instructions are pretty straight-forward. Normally the entire process can be finished in less than one minute. Mind you, these items can be quickly installed on your windows, both inside or outside. Of course it is up to your practical needs.

The Canopy window blinds are pretty sturdy because of the adoption of high quality material, which is heat-proof and moisture proof. To phrase it differently, they won’t easily lose color, break, or become warped because of the exposure to the weather. Actually they survive the bad weather so well.

The canopy blinds made of faux wood are easy to maintain. You can get the cleaning job done quickly and hassle free – with a soft towel and mild cleaning soap you can wipe the dirt and dust off instantly. This is also true to the graffiti if you have kids since kids like drawing things on walls and doors.

These items are composed of 2-inch slats, which are medium size and the best illustration of the antique style in the old time. This size is also the fit-all solution to any windows, big or small. You won’t go wrong with it, especially when you have no idea which one should choose from. What’s more, this is the optimal design for balancing between your privacy and lighting requirements.

The Canopy 2 faux wood blinds are incredibly cheap compared to the real wood version. You are just paying a small number of the cost of the genuine wood blinds to get the same elegance, let alone they can save you a lot of time and energy because they need little maintenance after the installation. Nevertheless, if you don’t care about money and the time you are going to put in, the wood blinds are still the long-term worth investment. If not, it is the different story. Click here for today’s price of the faux one now.

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