Tulip Photoreal PEVA Vinyl Shower Curtain

tulip shower curtainTake a look at this tulip photoreal PEVA vinyl shower curtain made by Maytex Mills, probably you will see what I mean. If you are looking for something alike for remodeling of your bathroom, this one is highly recommended too.

Blue Striped Curtains of Maytex Bleecker

blue stripe curtainIf you really love this distinct blue striped pattern, you can turn your bedroom style into the sailor chic instantly by simply hanging the Maytex Bleecker blue striped curtains on your windows.

Velvet Blackout Curtain Panel by Maytex

velvet blackout curtainsChoosing a right window covering is the one worth your efforts, and at least it is capable of cooling down your rooms to a certain extent if done properly. Well, this velvet blackout curtain panel by Maytex looks pretty good.

Bamboo Leaf Shower Curtain

bamboo print shower curtainNeed something to help find your peace of mind easier while making your bathroom a lovelier place to stay? The bamboo leaf shower curtain can be a very good addition, especially the one made by Maytex.

Microfiber Curtain Panels by Maytex

Maytex Micro Fiber Window 2-Pack PanelsMicrofiber curtain panels are a recent hit in window treatments. These synthetic fibers are seldom used in drapes manufacturing before. But it turns out that the market reaction is very encouraging.