Chevron Stripe Shower Curtain Gray

Bathroom may be the most often forgotten part in your whole decorating scheme. This is partly because you are totally absorbed in other designs. After all, living room and bedroom are more important, aren’t they? Actually bathroom can be very modern and it won’t take up your much time to do so. Here is a secret for you. It is always a better idea to decorate it with graphic pattern ceramic tiles and other accessories. It is simple but classy. To make it even better, combining a gray chevron stripe shower curtain by CafePress is highly recommended.

zig zag shower curtain

This chevron striped curtain, measured 69″ wide x 70″ long, is manufactured by CafePress. It is available in multiple colors, but this one is in gray and white. The fabric is 100-percent polyester, which is generally believed to be rough. In order to make it softer, it is gone through a special softened process. As for sliding it through the hanging pole, it has a dozen stitch-enforced eyelets ready.

Chevron is one of very weird patterns. People just love it for no reason, and they enthusiastically print and draw them on anything they can put them on, such as skirts, carpets, mugs, walls, and more. Actually the zigzag pattern is not the newly found design. It’s quite the opposite: it is so classic that it is older than any other normal stripes. It was just once out of fashion and now is being reinvented recently.

In fashion industry, the black and white is always the eternal match, which is a foolproof way in any designs. So are these gray and white chevron stripe curtains. They are contemporary and gorgeous, definitely with a lot of details.

Mind you, this item is sold in single panel, not including other accessories, for example, rings, curtain pole, and liner. It seems that Cafepress is fairly confident about the quality of the cheveron shower curtain. No wonder 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy is being offered. So what are you still waiting for?

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