Cottage Style Kitchen Curtains Set By Achim

As one kind of life experiences, cottage style is favored for its innate tranquillization and comfort. People, who are always yearning for a better quality of life, would put more stress on the natural elements when decorating their house. Sure, kitchen window treatments are an integral part of it, you need to let them go back to nature. It may be very hard to make it, especially when you have no idea at all where to buy the awesome drapes to match. Luckily, I have found one for you. Apparently this cottage style kitchen curtains set by Achim can get the job done easier for you.

country style curtains for the kitchen
What is included?

Being a pair of good country style curtains for the kitchen, they must have the country flair that makes them desirable to you. And this antique sunflower cottage set by Achim Home Furnishings, of course, has what it takes to be one of your best choices.

Each set of it consists of three parts.

  • 1 ruffle topper, which is attached with a valance;
  • 2 tailored valances;
  • 2 tiebacks.

Ruffles are one of the unique characteristics of country style kitchen curtains. But that isn’t always true and some of them don’t have this element. Anyway, a topper with ruffle is always more preferred and elegant to me.

The tailored valances are short, and it only covers half the window. This design is mainly to work well with the kitchen sinks, for the sake of avoiding speckled with oil or water stains. Another important function of this valance is to let the sunshine in.

The intent of tiebacks is twofold. One the one hand, they are a very good accessory to make for a more country look. On the other hand, it is the convenient tools to alternate the shutting and opening of your curtains – hook them back when more light is needed when cooking, or let go of them when you need some privacy.

70% polyester and 30% cotton

To be honest, this isn’t a very high quality fabric. The advantages of this kind of fabric are that it not only highlights the features of polyester but also combines that of cotton. That means it has very good elasticity and abrasion performance under the circumstances of both dryness and wetness. Else, it is stable in size, low in shrinkage, crisp, wrinkle free, easy to clean, and dry fast. But it isn’t suitable for hot iron and hot water.

However, this is still a good curtain fabric thanks to its light weight. This property fits well with the country theme to make them more casual than those conventional weighty counterparts.

Sunflower floral prints

Flower design is one of the most frequently used elements in cottage style. It is being used often by designers on many household items, for example, bonsai, drape, carpet, pillow sham, and more. And the presence of sunflower here not only makes it a relaxed and unhurried environment, but also turns it into a more livable place.

Best place to buy cottage style curtains

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