Crime Scene Shower Curtain

Want to tell others not to step over when you are enjoying a hot bath? You’d better put up a warning Do Not Cross sign out there. By virtue of 1 Kikkerland Crime Scene Shower Curtain, 72-Inch by 72-Inch, now you can streamline these two steps into one without effort – not only deter the pert intruder but also curtail the splashes of water at the same time. What’s more it is a really cool bath accessory that can light up your bathroom right away.

Police Line Shower Curtain

Kikkerland is always a good trend hunter, who is able to capture the latest hits and turn them into the popular commercial commodities, for example, the 100% EVA Police Line Shower Curtain. Designed by Aleksandr Mukomelov, this item apparently was inspired by crime dramas like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). However, when it comes to commercialize the cordon tape on shower curtains, it must take a lot of sparks to come up with such a cool idea and transplant that on products that are completely irrelevant.

Luckily enough, such a unique, novelty item is available now on at a really cheap price tag. It features a novelty pattern, screen printed on frosted Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), that includes 9 yellow police tapes indicating “POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS.” And this product is really hot since launched, partly because of its property being PVC free. As you know, an environmental friendly product is preferred these days. Be one of environmentally-concerned consumers and choose a greener product.

Turn your bathroom into a funnier place now with this crime scene tape shower curtain. It definitely won’t let you down and will get abundant recognition from your visitors. More importantly, as of this writing it costs you no more than 20 American dollars from buying to installing this item in your bathroom.

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