Curtain Fabric

If you are planning to purchase the right curtains and drapes for your bedroom, curtain fabric is one of a few things that need to be thought about. Besides curtain fabrics, other factors like cost, length, curtain rods and accessories should be taken into account as well. However, to some extent choosing of the right curtains fabric is halfway to success of your window treatments. So, in the first place you need to know the ins and outs about curtains fabrics from different angle of view, especially from the angle of an experienced home furnishing designer.

In the light of difference of the textures, the current popular curtain panels sold in fabric stores are mainly made of cotton, polyester cotton, linen, knitted polyester, and various blended and so on. The prices of different curtain fabrics vary from type to type due to their different quality and properties, which is also a very vital factor that needs to be considered whether or not it fits into the decoration methods adopted. Hence, the choice of the fabrics essentially already set the stone for the touch of your room.

Polyester cotton curtain fabrics
Polyester cotton is thin and elegant, usually with beautiful patterns. If combined with cool tones like green and blue and so on, definitely it will increase the sense of elegance and comfort. Sheer curtain is the excellent sample of polyester cotton.

Linen curtain fabric
The patterns of linen fabrics have the convex and concave effect. It gives the strong three-dimensional sense, which can easily catch the eye of the viewers. Others features also include rich colors, thinness and stiffness, and drapability, which make it look quite dignified but inviting.

Knitted polyester curtains fabrics
Knitted polyester fabric is made up of polyester multifilament yarns, which means that it includes single or several types of porous polyester filaments. In addition, each of them owns an irregular cross-section view. Based on this unique properties, knitted polyester fabrics look and touch like silk. And other features also include clear patterns, stronger stereoscopic impression, and comfort.

Crepe and velvet curtain fabric
Crepe and velvet curtains fabrics are relatively thick and solid, which makes it more elegant and decent. It usually comes with brighter colors and three-dimensional appeal. In addition, the most important thing is that it is affordable.

Silk curtain fabric
Silk comes with fine texture and is a wonderful kind of curtains fabric. It can radiate the reflective ray of light and make it shine as the diamond. Its merits are luxurious, gorgeous, and soundproof. Voile curtain is one of its excellent samples. However, its shortcoming is that its price is relatively higher.

Thickness in choosing curtains fabric
The thickness is also an element that needs to put emphasis on as the change of thickness may change the original designed functions. For instance, thin curtain fabrics like can turn the strong sunlight into gentle fine diffused light, which not only block the hot sun, but also keep the room bright and clean. And compared with lighted contains, thick heavy crepe and velvet curtains perform better in the prevention of noise disturbance.

So probably you know it well now that how important the step of choosing curtains fabric is. For different curtain and drapery fabric, you need to use them from the point of view of a professional designer. Curtain fabric thus can show its magic and transform your regular house into a cozy, stylish and perfect dream place.

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