Curtain panel: one or more sections?

This is the most elementary concept you should know a thing or two on window treatments, especially for a beginner in the curtain and drapery industries. More often than not, many newcomers are confused by simple questions like this – how many parts are in a curtain panel? Actually there’s nothing more average than this one.

Simply put, a curtain, also known as a drape sometimes, refers to a piece of cloth. Based on this, if consisted of a single of cloth, it is a curtain; if composed of two or more cloths, they are curtains or curtain panels. Likewise, in the case of draping two sections on either sides of a window, they are drapes instead of a single drape. The same is true to other things often appearing in pairs like socks, shoes, sleeves, trousers, and gloves, etc.

Initially people sewed drapes at home for privacy or blocking light and the sizes varied depending on the sizes of windows. Later during the last century, commercial products came into fashion owing to their inexpensiveness, many varieties, and convenience. Ready-made curtains were especially popular in some specific industries like hospitals, restaurants, and cinemas, etc. In stores they tended to be sold in panels rather than the normal way like other cloths.

Now curtain panel comes with a few more options for different standard lengths, such as 45″, 54″, 63″, 84′, 95″, and 108″, etc. In addition, for easier and better configurations they are sold by panels rather than the whole package. This is a better idea for some customers who demand a very specific personality type as it offers more flexibility and allows you to apply your unique tailored design idea to your windows.

By the way, sometimes the sellers’ words can be very confusing. So before purchasing the one you are fond of, please make sure is it the single panel or the whole set. Or the wrong ordering can be very time-consuming and annoyingly mood-destroying.

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