Information about Curtain Panels You need to know

Curtain panels might be the first one to come to your mind at the mention of the best and effortless window treatments. They sure are! Just go to any curtain panel market and you can always find the curtain styles that fit into well with the background of your living room or kitchen. Anyway, it still needs a little bit professional skills as for looking for the one you are desired.

Above all, you need to know it well what is in your mind and extract the idea out from your head. If you completely have no idea what to do and where to start, then the following basic information about curtain panel probably would give you the inspiration needed for the patterns that never occur to you before.

What are window curtain panels?

Curtains panels, also known as drapery panels, refer to a piece of cloth that is designed and sewed for the main purposes of light shading, privacy protection, thermal insulation, soundproofing and decoration.

By the way, curtains panel here is just a popular term that prefer to a simple set of curtains. This name probably comes from ready made commercial curtains, which generally are sold in “panels” in stores. In general most of them are about seven feet long.

There are a wide range of popular drapes and curtains like sheer curtain panels out there, but basically ready made curtains are composed of two parts, namely curtain fabric and curtain fitments.

Fabric of curtain panel

When it comes to pick the curtains and drapes, the fabric is the first element should be taken into consideration. So, choose the type of fabric is the short cut to make your final decision. According to the adoption of different fabric and technique, window curtains can be classified as a variety of categories like printed fabric, dyed fabric, yarn-dyed fabric, and jacquard fabric and so on.

Printed fabric

Certain pattern or design in different colors is printed on plain cloth by techniques like stencils, silkscreens, engraved plates, or rollers. This process is called textile printing. It is characterized by beautiful in colors, rich patterns and delicateness.

Dyed fabric

The white cloth that is treated with a dye and imparted with a certain single color is called dyed fabric. The features of this type of dyeing textile material are elegance and naturalness.

Yarn-dyed fabric

According to the needs of the pattern, classify the yarns and give them the needed dye respectively, and then interweave them to form the designed pattern. The fabric made from the above-mentioned process is called yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics are strong color fastness, vivid yarn-dyed lines and excellent stereoscopic impression.

Jacquard fabric

Jacquard fabric is processed with the combination of these two techniques – jacquard and printing. Jacquard loom is unique and much different to other normal looms. Jacquard weave features floats tendency, luster contrasts, stronger stability, and snagging potential.

Fitments of panel curtains

Curtain fitments include curtain rods, curtain track, curtain hardware, and curtain accessories. Surely the quality of the curtain rails is the most important part to determine whether or not the curtains and drapes can open and close smoothly.

According to their shapes, curtain panels can be classified as straight track, curved track and telescopic track, which is mainly used for those windows with valance. The most common straight tracks are heavy-duty, plastic nano and low-noise track and so on.

According to their materials, curtains panels can be classified as aluminum, plastic, iron, and wood track.

According to their craft, curtains panel can be classified as Roman rod and decoration rod, which is decorative and suitable for windows without valance.

Ideas for curtains panel

Choosing a satisfied curtain panel sometimes can be time-consuming and exhausted. In this respect, serious opinion from experts on window treatments means a lot to you as it really need a lot of professional skills here. However, if you are lack of related experience and still want to get it done by yourself, you have to do your homework beforehand. To avoid wasting your time and learn them in minimum time, the best way is to collect as much useful information as possible. This is also why we are here ready for help.

Hopefully you enjoy the above-mentioned basic information and these curtain ideas can be helpful to find your right curtain panels.