Curtains versus Drapes – Difference You Need to Know About

As a layman of home design, probably you will find that drapes and curtains make no difference to you at all. Actually many people also think the same way with you and use these two terms interchangeably, especially if you are from the United States. So, is there a difference between curtains and drapes? And what is the difference between them, if any?

Acutually, they are quite different to each other, from the perspective of the jargons of window treatments. And if you want to act a little more professionally, using them separately is a good idea.

Curtains and drapes are now one of essential items in houses and living rooms, which are used not only for privacy and light blockage, but also for decorative effect. To sum it up, there are a few differences between them as follows:

1. Origin and initial meaning of these two words are different. The word of curtain in ancient times didn’t mean what it is today. Instead it refers to a featureless wall for enclosing courtyard-like area. Likewise, in ancient times the word of drape simply means the act itself of hanging a cloth.

2. Linings are different. Curtains, also known as curtain panels, are usually without linings. Instead, drapes, or drapery panels, are normally with linings.

3. Lengths are different. The length of a curtain varies and depends on the practical applications, to the floor or shorter. By comparison, drapes tend to be full length panels.

4. The ways of opening and closing are different. You can open and shut a curtain by hand or by a cord. But you can do the same to a drape only by a cord.

5. The weight of the fabric is different. The weight of a curtain is relatively lighter than a drape.

6. Pleats are different. A curtain can be pleated or not pleated. But a drape tends to be pleated all the time.

7. Drapes are much more formal than curtains. In other words, the latter is believed to be more casual and informal from the eyes of a professional interior designer.

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