Buying Cynthia Rowley Yellow, Grey & Aqua Medallion Fabric Shower Curtain

This yellow, grey & aqua medallion fabric shower curtain is going to make an awesome decor in your bathroom. Being one of Cynthia Rowley shower curtains, it is trustworthy not only on quality but also on design. Are you a lover of Cynthia Rowley products? If yes, don’t skip this one because it is fully functional, let alone its to-the-point design.

yellow and grey shower curtains

These 72″ x 72″ designer fabric shower curtains are made of 45% polyester and 55% cotton. From the perspective of the material component ratio, it is inclined to the quality of cotton. But it also combines with the property of polyester. This is a good practice, especially when you need to keep both properties of them. The design is of contemporary style, highlighting the grey and yellow medallion print. But to make it pertinent to the bathroom, it comes with gentle aqua accents. On the whole, it focuses on the attention-getting the medallion patterns, supplemented with hues of four colors including grey, white, aqua, and yellow.

These yellow and grey shower curtains combine with modern elements, which make the medallion print look more simple and elegant. Once put it in your white bathroom, it highlights the intrinsic beauty of freshness and moist in the bathroom.

The bathroom is the moistest space in a house. And white color is the most common color used there because of its freshness and cleanness. However, the single color tends to be too quiet and monotonous. Do you want your shower to fill with vitality and spirituality from ocean? Why not add aqua shade to it? Apparently, the Cynthia Rowley yellow, grey and aqua medallion fabric shower curtain can do that trick for you.

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