Diane Von Furstenberg Shower Curtain Fabric Designer DVF Square Dot 72 X 72 White on Red

This fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg Shower Curtain is a must-have in your contemporary window treatments. It features white square dots on a red backdrop. If you are a big fan of Diane Von Furstenberg and love her design, this item is an awesome addition to your DVF collection. Are you planning to remodel your bathroom for the coming spring and summer, stop looking around now and this is going to be one of the best possible choice for you.

Shower Curtain Fabric Designer Diane Von Furstenberg DVF Square Dot 72 X 72 White on Red

This washable fabric shower curtain, made of 100-percent cotton, is designed by the designer of Diane von Furstenberg, also a brand known for its good quality. This one is no exception. Based on the standard size of bathtubs, it measures 72-inch wide by 72-inch long. In the matter of details, it comes with buttonhole openings, a considerate design for easier hanging. Once hanging this item in your bathroom, you will find that a contemporary touch would be just added by the white square dots pattern on a red background.

Shower curtains are one of indispensable articles in modern life. In addition to its basic functions of separating bathroom spaces and preventing water splashes, it also works as the good decoration to personalize your bathroom. Its color is also one of the highlights here. Red color tends to lighten up the entire space and befit the tinges of spring and summer. In a word, this awesome Diane Von Furstenberg Shower Curtain is that one can let you appreciate the fantastic scene even in your shower! Haven’t got one? Be swift now! As a big fan of DVF, how can you afford missing such a desirable item in your DVF collection?

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