Disney Tangled Rapunzel Window Curtains

This pair of lovely Disney Tangled Rapunzel curtains come from Tangled, a brand features only the protagonist imprisoned in a tower in a German fairy tale. Needless to say, this is a pair of Disney Tangled curtains your girl will love immediately. Now you can picture her smile if you buy her a gift like that. By the way this single panel measures 42″ x 63″ and weighs 2 pounds.

disney tangled window curtains

Each girl has a sweet princess in her dream, in which she lives in the castle, waits for the e arrival of the prince, and leads a happy life ever since. As parents, you are in a position to create a better carrier to make her dream as sweet and long as possible. And this pair of Disney Rapunzel curtains is the ideal carrier you have been looking for.

In a kid’s room, especially a princess themed bedroom, how can you afford to miss that cute Disney Tangled Style Rules Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Drape. How lovely it will become if you decorate your girl’s room with many dolls, warm tone colors, and these elegant yet lovely drapes.

What’s more, this Disney Tangled window curtains are also a fully functional curtain panel. Put it in the manufacturer’s words, it is able to block out as much as 99 percent of sunlight, deaden as much as 40 percent undesired sound, and cut down more than 25 percent on your electricity bill. Most importantly, it can help your girl get a sound sleep and carefree environment to grow.

Last but not least, though this Disney Tangled Rapunzel window curtains are machine washable, delicate cycle is highly suggested in order to keep the quality.

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