Dolphin Fabric Shower Curtain

Have you ever been to a dolphin show? If so, you must be ever amused by this naughty mammal. Admittedly, it is so cute and smart, especially when it balances the ball on it pointed mouth. So, did it ever occur to you that one day you could swim with dolphins in the sea? This could be much simpler than you thought – Saturday Knight Ltd has designed and launched a vivid dolphin fabric shower curtain recently, which can let you feel like you are playing with them once assembled in your bathroom.

dolphin shower curtain

Like other popular main-stream shower curtains, this item is also made of 100% polyester for the purpose of better water resistance. What’s more, thanks to this waterproof fabric it is machine washable too. Just in case you are mad about this marine animal and want to design a dolphin-theme bathroom, the considerate Saturday Knight Ltd has done the job for you beforehand. The Dolphin Sea bath ensemble includes everything you can think of, such as bath towel, soap dish, rug, curtain hooks, tooth brush holder, and more.

And the ensemble seems really adorable, right? Here is another surprise for you – currently all the items mentioned above are being sold at a substantial discounts on By the way, free shipping is included as well. Choose some of them now, or just the dolphin curtain alone, for your bathroom and make it a more vibrant place.

In the real world, the idea of scuba diving with dolphins under the water might be a little wild. But a lifelike dolphin shower curtain can make your dream come true, of course in a subtle way. It does use a little bit imagination from you.

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