Dolphin Shower Curtain

A dolphin shower curtain is a great addition to your kid’s bathroom, particularly if you are looking for marine theme decorating ideas. But it is still a hard job to find a satisfactory one even though you have locked onto this specific target. You would know it well if you come to realize that there are so many dolphin shower curtains to choose from in the current market!

fish shower curtain

Ocean seems one of the most used themes in bathroom decor these days, perhaps partly because both are closely connected to the water. Among the ocean themes, fish shower curtain is one of the top choices. If you are one of fish lovers, a kid, a marine biologist, or others just want to give your bathroom a unique new look, this jumping dolphin shower curtain, by Carnation Home Fashions, won’t easily let you down with its cute graphics and quality material used.

This product, measuring 70″ W x 72″ L, is made of 100% polyester, which is the most common fabric used in making bath products these days because of its better property than vinyl, a material used to prevail in the past. And it features jumping and swimming dolphins and sea in fun shades of aquatic blue. Here is one useful tip for you. If you are buying dolphin bath accessories online, you’d better shop around for the best price. Actually this item is currently on sale at, hopefully which would be the news you might be interested in.

Dolphin by no means is a pet, but people tend to treat it as one of their close family members, just like dogs and cats. This is kind of confused because most of dolphin enthusiasts didn’t really encounter one of the live one in their entire life. But it doesn’t stop this large fish like mammal from becoming one of the most popular images in the gift market. Have no idea how appealing the dolphins are? To give you some rough idea of what the popularity will be, the cat, one of the most familiar animals for you, is a very good comparison. Allegedly, the sales volume of cat gifts is twice as much as of dolphin gifts. But don’t forget the fact that domestic cats are the most popular pet in the world and keep our company for so long. Dolphins, for many of you, are still living in the TV, magazines, and shows.

Regardless of an aquatic lover or not, this dolphin fabric shower curtain is still the easy and quick way to make your bathroom an even bright and cheery place, where you can enjoy your bath more. Perfectly covering the shower zone and fitting the standard 60-inch bathtub, you don’t need to be distracted anymore by worrying about the splashing water. After all, a relaxing bath without distraction is something you have hard earned, which can make you feel completely refreshed again instantly.

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