Door Panel Curtains

Door panel curtains are welcome for their property to give the room different styles. They can be refreshing, elegant, or romantic and so on. No wonder more and more people are looking for door panel curtain to decorate their doors. If you are one of them and find it hard to get the right door curtain panels to match the overall style of your house, here are some useful tips for your reference.

Door panel curtains and fabric decoration

Actually door panels curtains is part of fabric decoration if it is made of fabric, which in fact is the most commonly used material these days. If the decoration for improving home function is the “hard ornaments'”, in comparison the so-called “soft ornaments” of fabric decoration are more charming as it softens the rigid lines of interior space and give you the warm feeling, which is the theme of a home should have.

Tips for door panel curtain

Besides curtain door panels, other fabric decorations include curtain panels, pillowcases, bedspreads, cushions, sofa sets, table cloth, and wall covering and so on. All of them are an integral part of the room.

Door curtains panels for living room

Fabric decoration must follow the basic principle of coordination. Its accessories color, texture, shape and overall style of the room should bring out the best in each other. For example, if your living room is with low ceiling, it doesn’t make sense to select curtain door panel with large flowers printing or the extended pattern. The right option is to pick vertical stripes or light-colored flowers, which helps adjust the vision to extend the space. And if there is old rattan furniture in your house and it makes your home appear slightly hard texture but with a strong natural flavor, it would be a perfect match to add cushions, pillows and French door panels with bright colors, which can make up for rattan furniture’s shortcoming.

The bedroom and living room is slightly different in terms of the fabric decoration technique. Living room lays particular emphasis on comfort while bedroom on harmony.

Door curtain panel for bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decoration, it focuses on the color matching between bedding and window curtain panel, bedding and sofas, bedding and curtains door panels, and bedding and wall and so on. As for the choice of door panels curtain, it is recommended to select the color of curtain fabric that is consistent to walls, sofa, and bedding. Coupled with the similar color but different patterns of flowers, stripes and plaid, it would make a difference instantly. Such a varied combination gives rich senses rather than a sense of monotony. No wonder such a perfect harmony of color rhythm is popular in so many places such as the United States and the Mediterranean region etc.

Principle for bedroom curtains and drapes

Bedroom is the best place to reflect the quality of life while bed is the visual focus when a person enters the room. Bedding like quilt, sheets and pillowcases are deemed as another kind of clothing, which reflects the owner’s identity, quality and inclination. The same is true to the choice of door curtains. However, here it is bedding that is the leading character and door panel curtain should set it off only.

When you face a variety of different styles and grades of door panels in the market, it is quite normal that you would be lost. Some questions would just follow. Which one is current trend? Which one can meet the practical needs while reflecting my unique personality? Which are better, sheer door panel curtains or any other French door curtain panels? Now it is your turn to make the decision.

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