Drape Arched Window the Right Way

No doubt clothes that fit and flatter will make you feel more confident and comfortable, so does window treatments. In order words, for the sake of maintaining the overall consistency in your room or house, different windows need to match with different curtains or drapes. In terms of how to drape an arched window, there is no exception too.

Compared to others, an arched window treatment tends to require a little more efforts as the shape of this kind of windows are a little bit special. Since arch windows preserve a rich Europe’s classical style, the bottom line of this kind of window treatment is to highlight the outline instead of covering while considering the restriction on floor height.

Given that arched windows are composed of two parts, upper and lower, decorating it with a roller shutters would be a preferred choice. The upper part, separately controllable, should be designed into an arch to go with the curve of the window. And the lower part should consist of the left and right panels, separately controllable as well. The specific operations are as follows:

1. The upper part can be down by pulling at a cord (string) to open the window;
2. The lower part can be up by pulling at a cord to open the window and allow the light entering the room.

More than that, a sheer curtain is also another nice option. To be specific, you have to find flexible thin fiberglass or heavy wire in the first place, which is to provide a rod that can bend and fit the arch well. Slip the sheer that with pocket hem over the wire and then bend it to the angle you want it be. Finally knot them together to form a fan shape below.

By the way, the transparency of the drapes determines how much you allow the light entering your house or room. So choose your fabric as needed. As for the low part of the drape, I think you already know how to deal with it, don’t you? If you don’t, please let us know and we will try our best to offer you the possible optimal solutions.

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