Elegant White Matelasse Shower Curtain by Pinzon

The hygiene of bath room is very important as it touches your lives on daily basis, so does that of the shower curtains. Good or bad bath curtain sets could make a huge difference. Although this may be much in evidence, bathroom curtains are still something that tends to be overlooked to many. If you are a more demanding person on this issue, the Pinzon Signature Diamond Matelasse Shower Curtain is the one that will suit all your needs.

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Why diamond matelasse pattern?

Having many reasons for their widely popularity, the Pinzon matelasse shower curtains are made in Portugal. But please don’t take it the wrong way, the word of Matelassé actually comes from French rather than Portuguese as you probably thought. Often followed along with the word of fabric, it stands for the textile that looked as though to be quilted, cushioned, or padded, but actually they are not. The quilted effect can be either sewn by hand or woven on a jacquard loom. Both of them can imitate virtually the same style of hand-sewn Marseilles type quilts, which are originated from Provence, France.

Matelasse fabric is known for its unique trait of being much thicker and heavier, especially in casual and elegant vintage design while stressing concise fashion. On top of that, it gives rich sensual qualities and a lot of texture. So, as a result, that is why the diamond matelasse pattern is always the most sought after by many great designers of bedding and bath products.

100-Percent cotton and machine washable available

Compared to other artificial fibers, pure cotton has more unparalleled advantages. This natural fiber dominates the international textile industry and makes up almost half of the production. After about 7000 years’ test and usage, this cellulose has been verified that there is no stimulation and no side effect when contacting the skin.

The only downside of pure-cotton fabric is the shrinkage, which was complained by a few buyers. But this, in turn, may not be an entirely bad thing – it confirms that this is literally made of 100-Percent cotton. The only remedy you must take is to allow for shrinkage beforehand.

When used for the purpose of shower, it is still one of the best options:

  • The inherent natural twist in cotton is the assurance to spin the highest quality of yarns;
  • 100-Percent cotton refuses other mixtures and there is no peculiar smell;
  • The natural cellulose is so long and tough enough that it won’t be broken easily, which prevents the curtain from producing tiny matters flying in the air like willow catkins;
  • The plant fiber rules out the soil for encouraging the growth of bacteria due to containing no nutrients;
  • The excellent moisture absorption makes it one of the best choices due to the frequent skin touch;
  • The good penetration of water facilitates the dust removal and ironing the wrinkles.

In terms of the feature of machine washable, the benefits are so obviously if you are like me who am living a stressful and fast-paced life – this is almost unavoidable in this modern society. Do you think so?

Threads do counts

Thread count is a very important jargon in textile industry, which is one of vital indicators for the durability and softness of the fabric. As a matter of fact, these two properties are in inverse proportion. That is to say, if you want it softer and smoother, achieved by a higher thread count, it would become less durable. Normally the number ranges from 200 to 1,000. From the perspective of bathroom curtains, 300-thread-count weave makes sense here.

For better bathroom mildew proof and moisture proof, a shower curtain liner is highly recommended as well.

Size and color do matter

Please bear in mind that this is a 72 by 72-inch curtain, which is the standard size and meets the most families’ requirements. However, if you are in the market for extra long fabric shower curtains like 84 inches, or up to 96 inches, apparently this is not a perfect match here.

And Pinzon offers more optional colors too. Besides the white matelasse shower curtain, there are other choices like ivory, Sage, Plum, Espresso, Marine, and Platinum.

Reviews from other buyers

Thanks to its great performance, the elegant white cotton curtain shower is rated approximate 4.6 out of 5 stars, which make it another well-deserved bestseller in Home & Kitchen.

Here just name a few common comments from others for your reference.

  • “Beautiful and well-made”
  • “Nice and thick”
  • “Very luxe! Has a European hotel feel”
  • “Very thick and sturdy”
  • “Very impressed”
  • “I like the classic look”
  • “Quality at a reasonable price”

Where can I buy the Pinzon Signature Diamond Matelasse Shower Curtain?

In fact, for all I know, so far the best price among all those online merchants is found on Amazon. Apart from free shipping, currently there’s a discount for them – no doubt this is the best deal found no elsewhere.

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