Faux Wood Plantation Blinds Cheap

The real wooden blinds can afford your house the cool, conventional visual appeal. Unfortunately, if you are sensitive to the cost probably you just can’t afford them due to their steep prices. Looking for an alternative that can also create the same look in your house? Well, the faux wood plantation blinds should get your interest. After all, they are way much cheaper at price. Actually, faux wood window blinds are one of the most popular substitutes for the wood counterparts these days, especially when you are living in the regions that are humid and obviously wooden material is not an option.

faux wood window blinds

The Madera Falsa 2-inch faux wood blind, supplied by Achim Home Furnishings, is one of the best bet you can choose from in the current market. That makes sense to you, in particular if you want them to be your transitional window treatments, such as in house or apartments that are for rental purpose only. The benefits of doing so are twofold – they decorate the naked windows and make them look good and you won’t lament the loss of them even though they are destroyed by the renters.

Well, the above is just the hypothesis, and these 2-inch faux wood blinds won’t be easily broken since they are made of durable cellular foam wood man-made timber and secured by metal headbox. The amazing part is that they not only appear like wood but also touch like wood thanks to the dedicated PVC adopted as well as the wood grain embossed. In order words, they bear a strong resemblance to the real one except for they are not real. In addition, they have the advantages that are not available in the real counterpart. They are much cheaper, about half of the price. More importantly, they have no the drawbacks found on wood. That means they are not afraid of damp weather, exposure to the sun, deformation, insect, and more. Of course, the installation is the part that has been well taken care for you. With those mounting brackets, the setup is just a piece of cake to even a a kid. By the way, to fit for your windows you can choose the size from 23″ W x 64″ L to even 60″ W x 64″ L and colors from mahogany, maple, and white.

Inspired by the traditional plantation blind that usually found on warm South, these discount faux wood plantation blinds can transform your house into the one with retro style once hung. Among the slat’s width ranging from 1″ to 3″, the 2″ slat structure is preferred today due to the better merge of the thicker components with the compact shades. That is to say, slats of 2 inches are the ideal way to reproduce the old classic hardwood window shutters and shades, which was once the most common decorations in plantations. Another reason for you to choose 2″ slats is that they are well adapted to all windows no matter what the size and depth your windows are, in particular on a shallow one. Besides, they are really functional to protect your house privacy and control the entering light. In a word, these are really awesome cheap faux wood blinds that give you a lot of bang for the buck because they are heavy-duty, affordable, sleek, and easy to clean. Click here for more customer reviews about these discount faux wood blinds now!

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