Hang a Window Scarf: Easy Steps for You

The bored window treatments tend to make you drowsy all the time. If you have been really tired of the monotony but don’t want to change too much, it is a good idea to hang a window scarf. It just saves you a lot of time and money to do so while bringing some new life to your home and make it a much cosier place. Of course, it is unnecessary to make it too fancy after all it is the place where you just need to please yourselves only.

Generally a window scarf refers to a piece of fabric hung before a window “informally”. Compared to the formal drapes or curtains, it can be very casual. However, the effect really depends on your way of how to drape a window scarf. Actually this is the exact place your innovation and imagination comes into play.

If you have no idea at all where and how to start, here are the most basic ways, which hopefully spark some ideas and don’t need to rack your brains so hard. First what you need are a window scarf, curtain rod, and hardware. As a matter of fact, there are two common ways to hang it – either hang a window scarf over the curtain rod or drape it against two brackets at two ends. But it is up to you.

The steps of installing a scarf are easy to follow as follows:

1. Measure the length of the window. By the way, regularly twice of the span you are planning to cover would be just fine;
2. Go and shop the fabric and curtain rod you are fond of;
3. Install the two brackets at both ends and place the curtain rod, if any;
4. Determine the middle point of the fabric and let it fall naturally about one foot below the curtain rod;

That is it. See, how simple it is to hang a window scarf. But if you want more than that, brainstorm on your own please.

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