Hang Curtains above the floor – How Far is Appropriate?

The length for curtains, as you know, should be at least as long as the length of the window you are going to cover. Otherwise it would look really awkward to others. But as for the appropriate length, different people would have different views. The same is true to how far from the floor should curtains hang?

Actually the answer is closely associated to your personal vision, the situation of your house, and the curtains or drapes you love to use. If you want to determine the length from the floor, you have to determine the mentioned three factors in the first place. After that, you would have a clearer understanding what you really want.

If you open and close the window a lot, just like in kitchens, then the shorter curtains are preferable. This provides extra convenience while offering a certain degree of privacy when needed. In addition, another advantage of the short-length curtains is that they tend to fake your eyes to show a bigger space. By the way, so-called short-length or window-length curtains refer to they barely skim or touch the windowsill.

If you would like a challenged task, mid-length curtains are the one you are looking for. But please keep in mind that even a veteran interior designer would find that this is hard to please everyone. However, it won’t go wrong if you use fabrics like cotton and linen. And this is especially true when you use them for decorating your cottage, cabin, or a beach villa. Well, mid-length curtains here refer to they are below the windowsill but above the floor.

If you love formal and luxurious style, the full length drapes, or drapery panels, would be your choice. Usually a drape goes all the way to the floor. In other words, they always touch the floor with three variations – grazing, dragging and puddling. However, this matter seems beyond the scope of this discussion. If you are also interested in that discussion already, we would like to talk more about it soon.

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