Hawaiian Beaded Curtains

You have to admit that spending a holiday in Hawaii is a journey truly memorable. If you just flied to one of its islands, probably you immediately caught the bug. However, after you got home, do you have the feeling that there always is something missing in your house? Tell you the truth. You are suffering from Hawaii syndrome. In order to relieve that kind of symptom, nothing is better than adding some Hawaiian touch there. If so, you need the help of the bamboo Hawaiian beaded curtains. By hanging it there, windows or doorways, instantly you will be in the island landscape once again, surrounded by beach, palm trees, blue sky, white clouds, sea, soft breeze, and sunshine.

Waikiki Beaded Curtain

Among the ABeadedCurtain’s series of beach-themed bamboo bead curtains, Waikiki Beaded Curtain 125 Strands is the one that can appeal to you at the first glance. It measures 36″ x 79″, which is woven with 125 strands. Considered the true work of art, it is painted all by hand to ensure the high quality. So, you can see the same landscape from both sides, which makes sense especially when you use them for your doors.

Assume that you have never been Hawaii before but are planning a vacation there in the near future. So, what is your favorite spot? If you have done some homework on it seriously, I am so sure Waikiki Beach will be mentioned frequently. As a landmark geographical landscape in Hawaii, actually it has been on the top of many traveler’s list for a long time. This is simply because Waikiki beach is probably not only the most famous beach in the world, but also the most typical Hawaiian beach in the eye of most visitors. No wonder ABeadedCurtain chooses this resort as the graphics.

In this era paying attention only to the efficiency, traveling can slow your pace to appreciate the scenery around. Unfortunately, for most of us sometimes traveling becomes the luxury we just can’t afford because too many things await to be handled. In this case, a hand-painted bamboo Hawaiian beaded curtain would be the temporary escape you can rely on. It is a genuine artwork, which can bring you into the famous Waikiki Beach, let you walk on the soft sands, hear the sound of rolling waves, enjoy the fresh ocean breeze, and more. Right beside the palm trees and blue sea, what else you would do except for listening and feeling by closing your eyes? Aloha, Waikiki beaded curtain; Mahalo, Spouting Water.

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