Hello Kitty Fabric Shower Curtain

There is a kitten that is always wearing a bow on left ear. It is mouthless but with round face and a short tail. Perhaps you have already known what I am talking about. Bingo! Her name is Hello Kitty, just as everyone knows. Do you love this cute creature? If you love pink color and this cutest kitten in the world, you are going to fall in love with this Hello Kitty Fabric Shower Curtain too.

Hello Kitty Garden Fabric Shower Curtain

This item, supplied by Sanrio, is made of 100% polyester and measures 70-inch wide by 72-inch long. 70 x 72 inches are a typical size these days, mainly designed for matching the standard tubs and shower stalls. As you can see, it is so lovely. No doubt a cute touch will be thus added to your bathroom once it is installed.

Shower curtain is one of the necessary bath accessories. But it tends to bore you to death if you choose a drab one. Want to make a difference to your bathroom now? These hello kitty curtains are the good try to you, no matter you are a mom or a little girl.

Can you imagine that this cute kitten is 36 years old now! It’s white, round-face, chubby, and fond of wearing pink bow. It sees generations of little girls grow up, get married, and have baby. It appears in every corner of life, from toilet paper packaging to the exterior of aircraft fuselage. Now once again it waits for you in the bathroom, with the innocent smile on its lips.

Over the past 30 years, hello kitty smiles its way to people’s hearts and gradually becomes the most reassuring friend and example to kids, especially little girls. Even though the girls have grown up, they will still love this never-get-old kitten along with their little daughters. This is because hello kitty gives you the space of imagination, and allows you to project your emotions to it. In other words, if you are happy hello kitty is happy; if you are sad, hello kitty is sad. So, if you want to find your little daughter a cute gift, this hello kitty garden fabric shower curtain can be one of the best candidates you can choose from.

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