Hello Kitty Shower Curtain

It seems that every little girl is obsessed about hello kitty. Should your young daughter adores this cute cat too and want to have a similar themed bathroom, this Hello Kitty shower curtain can be a major piece to that puzzle. Your girl will be just ecstatic about this new friend that has a big head, round eyes, a little tail, and a big bow on left ear.

hello kitty fabric shower curtain

This lovely thing features hello kitty and pink bubbles. Such design is ideal for girls’ bedroom and bathroom since it is no secret that all little girls fancy about pink things. It is 72.83-inch Wide by 72.83-inch long in size, a little bit larger than most of its peers.

To make your bathroom become more perfect, it’s recommended to decorate it with a few more pretty hello kitty bath accessories, such as towels, hooks, shower soap dispenser, floor mats, curtain rings, and more. But the amount of effort you have put in will finally pay off once your girl enters the bathroom and smile, which also help you be in a good mood the whole day, right? The only drawback of this cute thing is its price tag, which might be a little bit higher and exceed your budget. However, good mood is priceless, isn’t it?

This shower curtain is heavy-duty enough since it is made of vinyl. If you want it to last for a longer time, you can purchase a liner, just in case, to better protect it from flooding water, thus from mildew or mold. To be honest, you don’t have to do so at all.

Want to lend some cute feel to the bathroom of your little daughter? Consider this Hello Kitty shower curtain now. For a girl who love hello kitty, nothing beats this one that features the most famous cat from Japan.

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