How Much Accent & Trim to Add to a Curtain Panel?

A curtain panel cannot exist on its own. Instead it must be bound to blend in with other elements in the landscape. In other words, you are not choosing merely for the sake of the curtains or drapes but of the whole house or room. Among all those factors, field, trim, and accent colors for sure are those three you have to take into account.

Actually field, trim, and accent are mentioned more in exterior paint scheme. The field refers to larger areas like roofs and walls; the trim refers to corner boards, door and window trim, and rakes, etc.; the accent refers to doors, shutters, and other particular elements.

Since the color of curtain panel is so essential, it may make or break your whole plan. So you have to be careful to make the right choice based on all those existing elements, such as accent and trim. At this point, you might already know that how important they are in your window treatment scheme. But as for how much accent and trim color need to add to a curtain panel, it really depends. However, they are still the ideal reference objects no matter what your plan is.

Here are three simple ways for balancing between curtain panel and accent and trim.

1. Addition and subtraction of similar color

Curtain panel chosen by this method would create one kind of tranquil, warm and harmonious beauty. First of all, you have to make a conclusion for the main tone of your interior furnishing, like white walls, light-color wood floor, white or shallow wooden furniture. In this case, the interior overall tone is thus determined – white and cream. In order to match them, the optional curtain panels should be dark brown, brown, coffee, or other similar colors.

Such combination has a few benefits. Firstly, it avoids further emphasizing the drawback of the monotonous and light shade. Secondarily, it won’t result in chaos due to too much colors involved.

2. Match of contrasting color

Curtain panel picked by this principle would create a sharp contrast, thereby generating lively and bouncing visual impact. Likewise, first of all you need to sum up the tone of your interior furnishing. Contrasting color means the color you are going to choose is totally opposite, which induce an intense visual effect.

Mind you, beware not to choose too many colors in this scheme. At the same time pay attention to lower purity of the color of the curtain panel. In order words, avoid picking some blatant and high-purity colors. Only if coordinate them well, you can really bring your house to life.

3. Metallic and reflective fabric

This is a bold and ideal option if you are looking to turn your house into a trendy indoor space. Reflectors and metallic can light up the whole room instantly. But please keep in mind that since the design is aiming to highlight the modern and fashionable style, rich colors are not an option. Then, when choosing metallic curtain panels like gold, silver, and bronze, they can coordinate, correspond, complement, and contrast finely with each other.

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