How to Decorate a Pink Tiled Bathroom

A pink tiled bathroom, uh? Well, it’s like very 1950’s style, which might be your typical reaction when you hear something like that. The truth is that pink theme appeared much way earlier in the 1930s thanks to the employment of a lot pink to decorate the White House by Mrs. Mamie, the wife of President Eisenhower. But now this style seems outdated for most of your home decor, and do you know how to decorate a pink tiled bathroom the right way?

This theme became trendy soon and even the standard color for any bathrooms back then. Today it is difficult to locate the pink sanitary equipment and plumbing. But painting the bathroom with this color was once the most popular practice back at that time. However, by the 1970s this aesthetic setting was making the house owners tired somehow. And it was replaced with other new comers, like carnations, blue, olive green, and subsequent almond, light brown, or even the white. They just come and go. But even to this day there are still plenty of pink tiled bathrooms retained in the old houses. They preserved not for nostalgia or the owner loving this particular color. Instead, it is all about the money, which might cost you an arm and a leg for the remodeling them.

If you happen to have one of them and dislike it, you have to do a math before the redecoration. Are you badly in need of decorating ideas for pink tiled bathroom? Actually you don’t need to do so provided that you have a tight budget. Instead, some tricks can make a huge difference to your bathroom if employed properly. It really comes down to one thing – marginalizing the pink. If you play them well, the cost will be much lower.

Colors complement and neutralize each other. Here of course you need to choose those shades that can negate pink. You can use them for your walls and other accessories and ornaments. These options include white or cream, brown or tan, and grey or black. And please by all means avoid colors like orange, blue, green, and yellow, which will ruin all your efforts by simply sharpening this specific color.

Decorating with some eye catchers there is also a good idea. This way can add bold accents and at the same time distract your eyes from the original focus. Therefore, this color will not appear in the center of the spotlight anymore by the overtaking. These items can be a sizable, fancy mirror, a unique shower curtain, a classy flower vase, an attractive wall sconce, and more.

Assume that all of the above mentioned failed. Don’t worry and you can apply this ultimate idea for decorating pink tile bathroom – hide them all. Usually the last thing you want to display are the tiles in your bathtub and shower. Well, the easiest approach is to buy a good-looking shower curtain and cover them up. And usually it costs you no more than a dozen bucks to bring an end to your headache, once and for all.

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