How to Drape a Window Scarf Valance: 13 better Ways

Among all those elaboration on window treatments, the design of a window scarf valance really matters. This is simply because the way how to drape a window scarf, to a very great extent, directly determines the style of the curtains or drapes, such as fancy and luxuriant, simple but stylish, emotional and romantic, or intellectual and graceful, etc. In addition, it also impact the way of lacing and girding to fit in the overall consistency. So, window scarves are one of decisive factors need to be given priority if you are looking to make your house a better place.

1. Multiple folds sagging naturally
This style is appropriate for the combination of a few windows as it provides even more elegance to the room. By the way, the drapey fabric is preferred here.

2. Paralleled pleats
It adopts the compact rectangular shape here. And the paralleled pleats are aiming to balance the tall and slender window.

3. Combination of high and low pleats
It features three big drooping pleats that are well-spaced, flanked with ribbons attached to an official seal or a medal.

4. Casual window scarf valance
It seems that the whole fabric is winding the curtain rod inadvertently and casually. As a matter of fact, every fold is well designed.

5. Plain vertical folds
Regular vertical folds, combined with blue and white floral pattern on the drape, highlight a rustic aesthetic of the whole curtain. This style is especially true to cotton and linen fabrics.

6. Asymmetrical pleats
This would trick the eyes to make them believe that the curtain is leaning toward one side. Combined with drapes with check, it brings the harmonious aesthetic feeling by well complementing to each other.

7. Classic style pleats
Both scarf valance and drape choose the same solid color here. It corresponds well to the layout of living room, grave, graceful, and less depressive.

8. No folds
This design fits well with elongated window. It not only mitigates the sense of pressure but also the further elongated visual sense created by vertical folds on drapes.

9. Pretty bows
The same fabric adopted in valance and drape has a high degree of adaptability. Using pretty bow as curtain rings could create a distinctive effect.

10. Pennant style
In order to match up the argyle drapes, scarf valance would be better to be composed of multiple scarlet pennants that connect to each other. This design is lively, unique, and quite rare out there.

11. Practical pleats
This design is incredibly simple but its color echoes that of the wall. Besides, its light texture and this simple scarf valance bring out the best in each other.

12. Russian lacing
It has no pleats at all and features the Russian green lacing. Both the color and the unique design are with a kind of exotic appeal.

13. Lily pleats
The color and the design are well fused together here, with three lily pleats dotted and curves connected at the bottom. This simple but delicate design goes well with everything, especially with drapes of pure-color fabrics.

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