How to Keep Shower Curtain in Place?

Something trivial to you might be something vital to some others. This is always true in daily life. Some unpleasant trifles can be a trigger to something severer. For example, someone might feel really offended when the shower curtain blowing in on them, but some others won’t give a hoot for that. If you are the former person and want to figure out how to keep shower curtain in place, here are some useful opinions for you.

Just in case you might not care about the theory why it keeps billowing into you, regardless the air vortex or static electricity something, I am going to make the long story as short as possible and in the end come up with the possible solutions that you are really concerned about.

Firstly, you need to realize that you are not alone on this matter. A lot of people just don’t act your way. To be honest, this is kind of annoyance that can sometimes drive you crazy. But don’t worry, and there are tons of good means to bring it to an end for good.

Secondarily, if you are willing to take the trouble to fix it, you can do it yourself. By doing so can save you a lot of money but the drawback is that you have to put in some time and effort. This method is really simple – go and find two pieces of small magnets, one for the bottom of the curtains, the other for the right place in your shower. That is to say, you have to sew one into your curtain’s pockets and fix another one to the bathtub or somewhere proper. Once fixing the shower curtain in place, you don’t need to worry the intimate contact anymore.

Thirdly, if you have deep pocket and don’t want to do it yourself, the most effective way is to replace the old set with new metal tub and shower curtain with magnets, fiberglass tub and the one with suction cups, or simply extra weight shower curtains. Period. And the following are some good references for you, check them up please.

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