How to Stop Shower Curtain From Blowing in?

You are having a bath or shower for relaxing your tense nerves and personal hygiene after a long day of work. Definitely you don’t want to see anything getting in your refreshing bath in the middle. But sometimes unexpected things just happen against your willing, for example, the shower curtain blowing in on you. This is really frustrating, isn’t it? It neither bothers you by interrupting your bath, but also makes you feel unwashed due to the awful clinging to your skin.

So, how to stop shower curtain from blowing in the shower? You would be eager to know the answer if you are having similar terrible experience. To be honest, I used to be one of the sufferers. One day somehow I just made up my mind and did some search online intending to figure it out thoroughly.

Then, the alleged “Bernoulli Effect” was located in the end, very different from my original thinking. And it seems that this relatively newer theory makes sense to explain this phenomenon well. The blow-in effect is actually caused by the spinning vortex, which is thus formed by the accelerating water causing lower air pressure nearby. It is the unbalance pressures in and out that result in the sucking in.

There are a number of good ways to stop your shower curtain from blowing in. But the most intuitive method is to replace your shower curtain with a relative heavy one. You can also opt in some extra heavy weight shower curtains or liners to make it more efficient. The reason is so obvious that it is so heavy that it is able to make shower curtain stop blowing into your shower. Of course, this is not the most effective but it can do the job for most of you. But in all fairness, this is the most intuitive and easiest way you can choose from these days. Apart from that, you can also try curved shower rods, shower curtains with suction cups, or magnets, and more. As for choosing the heavy weight shower curtains, you can refer to the follows.

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