Cheap J. Queen New York Soho Silver and Gray Striped Fabric Shower Curtain

The 72″ X 72″ Soho silver & grey striped fabric shower curtain is supplied by J. Queen New York. This is what you need to add extra elegance and light up your bathroom with the appropriate level of glitter, no more no less. These shower curtains boast of silver and grey vertical stripes, which look so cool that it can definitely add the desirable polished, crisp appeal to your bathroom. Great for any modern themed bathrooms.

J. Queen New York Soho Silver & Grey Striped Fabric Shower Curtain

What bathtub does this J. Queen New York Shower Curtain fit for?

As you may know, bathtubs come in standard sizes. So do the shower curtains. Since this item measures 72″ X 72″, one of the most common sizes, it is ideal for a 5-foot bathtub. And please make sure the size of your tub before the purchase.

What other colors should this silver and grey go with?

Before giving the answer, first let’s get to know this color first. In interior design, the color of silver grey refers to elegance, peace, plain, and moderation. In theory this color can go well with anything because grey itself does not have a clear personality. As a result, the other matching colors often play a more important role in the whole color scheme. So, the existing bathroom color is not your major concern here as it is going to fit your bath room well.

Is 100% polyester fabric good enough for bathroom?

Polyester fabric is one of the most popular options for garments these days. Great wrinkle resistance and shape retention are its main advantages. Polyester fabric is also extremely resistant to chemicals. Acids and bases can do very little damage to it. More than that, it is mildew resistant, anti-moth, and machine washable for easy care. Because of that, this material is often used for making shower curtains.

What style is these grey silver stripes ideal for?

If you are looking to give some order to your bathroom while bringing in the “decorator” appearance, it is a good idea to hang the J. Queen New York Soho silver and grey striped fabric shower curtain there. It can make a bold statement anywhere you place it. Thankfully it usually works well with almost all other elements, such as floral, solids, or any other patterns, in both conventional and contemporary way. Hence, you just can’t go wrong with an eye-catcher like that.

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