Jaclyn Love Thermal Grommet Panels Antique Satin

A quality curtain should satisfy multiple goals at the same time. If you are looking for one that is versatile and capable performing a few jobs for you simultaneously, these Jaclyn Love thermal grommet panels antique satin are that one you would like to have. They are really functional as its name imply. Interested in knowing more about this item? Read on please.

residence grommet panels antique satin

Window treatments are an art. You need a lot of practice before knowing your ropes to it. Unfortunately, to the untrained eye most of the time it makes no difference at all. Curtains and drapes are a spectacular complement to your house, while setting the tone for your whole style. The style is closely associated with design, material, and color.

Window covering is also a science. When it comes to choose the curtains, there might be a lot of things needed your consideration. However, first thing first, the priority is to figure out what you need it for? From this respect, the task of choosing curtains becomes simple and straight. A good one like this Jaclyn Love panels should play multiple roles at a time.

They are grommet drapes

Grommet drapes is one of the most regular types. It is very simple, normally with no frills. The grommets are used to slide on and off the curtain pole. The main benefits are easy opening and shutting and convenient disassembly for cleaning.

Let’s get back to these Residence/Jaclyn love grommet panels, which are available in pairs, each measuring 40″ Wide x 84″ Long. And it leaves 4″ heading for a better look. To match it well and bring it full, you have to purchase the 80″ to 120″ long rod. There are total 12 grommets in two panels, each 1 5/8″ in internal diameter, made of the same fabric too in order to integrate it into the whole style.

They are thermal panels

Being a heavy fabric, antique satin is the ideal material for thermal insulation. Combined with the quality foam backing, it greatly increases the energy efficiency. It prevents the heat from entering in summer; it reduces the energy consumption and save money on your monthly power bills.

In addition, being the black-out curtains it is able to totally keep the sunshine out while eliminating noise from outside. Therefore, your home furnishings can lengthen their life for less exposure to the visible light.

They are antique satin curtains

Antique satin is a very popular fabric, especially used for bedspread and draperies. Why this fabric is one of the favorites in the curtain industry? Actually the reasoning for being chosen is twofold.

  • The reversible property. Because different fibers are used in the warp and in the weft, it presents two completely different sides, one smooth and the other rough. The smooth property comes from rayon or silk and the coarse one from man-made fibres or cotton. Curtains tend to show only one side to the outsiders, and it makes sense here. Besides, it reduces the cost as well;
  • Dull luster. As mentioned earlier, the adopting slubbed or unevenly spun yarns in the weft (filling) can make the surface less shiny. And the dull satin fabric can make a cotton look less cheap, which is generally believed by most designers.

Where to buy the Residence antique satin grommet panels?

You can buy it from many places. But Amazon.com seems offer the best price and free shipping. In addition, the colors are complete there, including linen, plum, teal, camel, chocolate, lime, flax stone, and grey black pearl.

What others are saying?

As one of the bestselling Residence thermal collection grommet panels, they are highly rated and reviewed. Here are some of them for your reference only.

  • “Excellent black-out quality…”
  • “It was a bargain…”
  • “A luxurious texture to the room…”
  • “Worked perfectly…”
  • “Turned out amazing…”

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