Jolly Roger Shower Curtain

Let your imagination take rein during the bath, with this Jolly Roger shower curtain assembled in your bathroom. Taking a bath may be one of the most relaxing ways because now you are alone and you can fancy yourself as any heroes you would like to be. Sometimes, it would be nice to be a pirate too, wouldn’t it? However, to make it look a little bit more real, at least you have to stake out the boundaries of your domain by a black skull and bones flag. Don’t worry, Kikkerland has that item ready for you already.

jolly roger vinyl shower curtain

In the size of 72-inch wide by 72-inch long, this pirate Jolly Roger skull & bones black shower curtain looks like a full-size flag on the pirate ship, making a clear statement: “This is my bathroom. Avast, ye scallywag!” It is also a bold statement to your bathroom decor. For sure it would win you a lot of compliments from your friends. Besides of the cool graphics, it also features EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate), a type of green plastic that will do no harm to your health.

Well done! Now the curtain is in place. Aye aye, captain. It is time for you to weigh anchor and hoist your black flag before the attack. It was a fierce battle that can shiver you timbers. Anyway, this is a sweet trade. You took the booty and let the capture walk the plank because dead man tells no tales. Everything is so wild there.

But wake up! This is just a wild dream, and you have to finish your bath first and then go back to work. Thank God, it is just a wild dream, isn’t it? Oh, at this time you do remember now it isn’t your pirate flag, instead it is just a Jolly Roger vinyl shower curtain you bought from the other day. Welcome to the real world again!

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