Let Panel Curtains Hang High and Wide for a Better Look

Many people would be regretful soon after their panel curtains finished. One of main reasons is that they didn’t look as nice as they were expected to be. How could they be if you choose the short rods and hang them low? This is such a classic mistake on window treatment that unfortunately you repeat it once again. But sorry it is too late to undo them now. Hopefully before the installation, you grab this advice and no longer become one of these victims who complain in the end: Oh, I wish I’d had follow this old principle – always hang panel curtains rods high and wide enough.

Maybe you have heard that advice before but never take it seriously. Now it is time to think it twice now if you are looking for new window treatments for your home. This method has a few extra benefits, especially on deceiving your eyes to think larger and better than they are.

Since it is such a good idea, next probably you would ask “how high should I hang my panel curtains”, wouldn’t you? The principle is rather simple to follow actually – let the curtain rods hang exactly under the ceiling. But it really depends because the heights vary from ceiling to ceiling. In this case, you have to adjust that size from 6″ to 18″ according to your actual need. In addition, here full length curtains are the way to go. This is simply because it would fall gracefully while avoiding depressive and choking feeling by reaching all the way down to the floor.

Since the panel curtains are hung higher and wider, you have to use longer and more fabric and wider curtain rod. So it requires a higher budget but don’t worry it’s worth every penny you paid. You will see and feel that way once they are finished because they will make a huge difference for the look of your house.

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