Lighthouse Curtains Cheap

As one of versatile decors for window treatments, lighthouse curtains fits well with any rooms. The nature of seashore theme can always convey you the peace and tranquility you are in need. Once set them up on your windows that are up to 70″ wide, no matter it is bathroom, parlor, sleeping room, kitchen, or your den, they would make a haven of comfort and tranquility for you in no time. Among all those drapes featuring lighthouse, By The Sea Window Art Curtains, signed by the muralist Marion K. Stephenson, will definitely be the one that can win you a lot flattery from your guests.

lighthouse curtains

Have you ever been to New England’s coastline? If yes you must have impressed by and marveled at the uncanny workmanship of the nature. The landscape there seems so harmonious, the artificial lighthouse and the natural rocks and waves complimenting each other beautifully. They are scattered along the coastline, as if placed by an act of God. And you don’t have to pity about that if you haven’t been there. With the help of lighthouse curtains, this lovely scene can be transplanted to your home and make your house come alive instantly.

As one of renowned master of Trompe l’oeil, Marion K. Stephenson did the trick in this lighthouse curtain again. It leads you into the rocky New England coast by a muddy narrow county road, surrounded by a white wooden fence. Beyond the muddy road, it is open and clear, featuring surging waves hitting rocks and the quaint New England lighthouse. All is so vividly that you have to believe you are personally on the scene. Viewing such a restful and splendid virtual world, no wonder you will be refreshed quickly and say goodbye to your discomfort and tiredness soon.

As above, this lighthouse curtains come in a 3-inch rod pocket, which make it pretty versatile and suitable for patio door, French door, and any windows that is wider than 70 inches. The By The Sea Rod Pocket Curtain Pair measures 72-inch by 84-inch, namely 36-inch by 84-inch per panel. The pair set is designed for covering one window. By the way, the width and length is very important to your successful window treatments. Hence, please make sure your measurement before the purchase. Otherwise, it might not look good due to some gaps left. Besides, it is made of the blended fabric of polyester and cotton in the proportion of 11:9. This ratio balances the pros and cons of both polyester and cotton. As a result, it has both benefits of these two fibers. In other words, it is wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and maintenance free. Mind you, the lighthouse Curtains are UNLINED. And you have to find a liner elsewhere if you want them to look with more layers and block out the light and heat for you.

In terms of decorating your rooms, the priority is to determine your theme. Anyway, regardless of who you are, an enthusiast about lighthouse décor, a zealous sea hobbyist, or average person who just seeks temporary escape from the busy world, you can always find what you are expecting from these By The Sea Window Art Curtains. The extra benefit is that it is cheaper than you thought it would be. Check these lighthouse curtain out on and you will find more reviews with compliments, especially for such a low price.

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